Tuesday, December 19, 2006

All about the ass.....

My ass was the theme of most of my calls yesterday. My first hot call was yesterday with this guy I will refer to as Master B.*lol* He called my submissive line and I must say it was smoking.

I never realized how much of a submissive I was until yesterday. The call begin with me telling Him a little about myself, describing myself from head to to toe although He had my picture right in front of him.

When I stumbled over a question and made me slap myself. It was a bit of a thrill to slap myself and listen to him call me names and refer to me as His property. He also had a bit of thing for my ass and really enjoyed the naughty pics of my ass so much that he told me that after He was done abusing me He wanted to cum inside of my tight little virgin ass.

The call was a very intense and erotic submissive call and I really enjoyed the way that Master B pushed my limits. I really am grateful that He took the time to call and instruct me in the ways of a true submissive.

Early this morning---very early I must say, I recieved a call from my favorite Colorado guy. We've only spoken twice now but the calls are so wicked and kinky. I enjoy speaking with him and he always seems to put naughty ideas in my head. ;)

This morning wasn't any different and before I knew it I was suggesting that I use my vibrator on my ass! The last time we talked I had discovered anal play, but hadn't had a chance to use my vibrator yet on my butt.

So during the call, I eagerly whipped out my 6 inch vibrator and placed a condom on it and lubed up my little ass to get it all ready for my vibrator. Sliding my six inch vibrator up my tight little asshole felt way different than my fingers. My ass was so tight that I could only take about half of it inside, but it still felt good.

When I turned the vibrator on and felt that steady, stimulating vibration in sphincter I was just so excited. Then I started to push it in and out of my hole and it felt even better. I came just from the sensations of having my bum stimulated by my vibrator! My Colorado guy said that it's really rare that someone can cum like that and my ass must be very sensitive. I guess that's a good thing---because it felt really good!*lol*

Afterwards we started talking about my trip to Florida and also some other things.....and I guess I got some really naughty thoughts in my head.*lol* He also was kind enough to send me some really great links, because he knows that I like to do my research.*giggles*

I've been doing alot of research this morning and I will implement one of the ideas that we discussed later today. Maybe I'll share the details in a later post. Unfortunately now I have to finish packing and doing all that other last minute stuff that one does, before they go on a trip.



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