Sunday, December 17, 2006

Too Excited 2 Sleep

I just got off the phone with this really hot guy from Colorado. I had a great time :) I really enjoyed playing around with him and well.....I discovered a new way to play I guess you could say.

We were discussing masturbation techniques and the subject of ANAL came up and well....I guess you could say I really am a dirty girl. I slid a finger into my ass for the first time ever and it felt so good. I had the most amazing orgasm.

After cumming with one finger in my bum, I decided to try two and I came even harder than before. I never would have guessed that anal stimulation could feel so good. I guess I've got a new hole to play with.

I really enjoyed talking with my special guy from Colorado and I will never ever forget the exciting time that I had. I'm loving it! I am so pumped up that I just can't sleep, so I'll probably just pop in a porno or stay logged on and hope that I get another exciting call.

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